WORTH association provides members with opportunities for networking, mentorship, education and development. 

The Gender Pay Gap. Discrimination. Work/Life Balance Challenges. Lack of advancement opportunities. Retention challenges. Sexual Harassment. Occupational Gender Segregation. Bias. These topics only scratch the surface in examining the complex landscape for women in hospitality and tourism leadership. 

WORTH Association was formed to combat these issues. It's time for female industry leaders work to collectively move the dial. Hospitality lags behind other industries in advancing women into senior roles. Our mission is to connect women across the province in an effort to push for parity. 

Our goal is to bring women from the industry together for networking, mentorship, educational and charitable events. It is time to rethink the conversation surrounding hospitality leadership. We invite women to take their seat at the table, whether it be the prep table, bar counter, reservation desk, or boardroom.  

We are stronger as a collective. We can form the future of our industry together. 

“We must support and promote women in recreation, tourism and hospitality leadership.
We need to help each other push beyond the limits”
— Joanna Jagger, WORTH Founder

fast facts

Source: Castell Project & Tourism HR Canada 2016 Census

  • In the hospitality industry, men are 10x more likely to be promoted to the principal/partner or president levels than women and 15.5x times more likely to be promoted to CEO.

  • The hospitality industry has been less successful at developing its women than the firms of the S&P 500 and the S&P 500 Finance.

  • Women comprise 70 percent of the tourism and hospitality workforce but hold less than 40 percent of managerial positions, less than 20 percent of general management roles and less than 8 percent of board positions

  • Vancouver's gender pay gap is 11.7% for women in management positions

  • In Metro Vancouver, female Accommodation Service Managers earn .77 cents for every $1.00 earned by a man in the same role

  • 84 percent of men and 70 percent of women agreed that “women entering hospitality companies today will have more opportunities for upward movement into top executive positions than have past generations.”