Know your worth…. then add tax

Tired of the gender pay gap that plagues the tourism and hospitality industry? Want to negotiate or renegotiate your salary? Interviewing for jobs and feeling stuck on the money talk? Ready to ask for more?

On June 24th, 2019 we held a workshop for worthy women. Negotiate your WORTH was an in-depth and intimate seminar designed for women of recreation, tourism and hospitality. Given the statistics that women are earning far less than their male counterparts in these industries, WORTH Association helped to equip individuals with the skills you need to effectively negotiate.

Our thanks to Facilitator Charina Cruz, an International Personal & Professional Development Coach whose mission and purpose is to help people create the career and life they want. Her quest has taken her around the world – living, inspiring and coaching in 5 continents. With over 15 years of experience, she brings a diverse background in recruiting, advising and business management. She is the former Executive Director/Chief Experience Officer of an adventure social enterprise in Africa. Combining supportive honesty and a good dose of humour - she strongly believes that women can negotiate to achieve their full potential in their position AND on their pay cheque.

We are grateful to our host venue and beverage sponsor Farris LLP.